Elon ‘Musk’ Be Crazy… Twitter Addict, Tesla Inflator, and Mars Colonizer

Bayo Olorunto
5 min readApr 18, 2022

Elon Musk is now the richest man on the planet. His net worth is give or take $273 Billion, Elon Musk continues to wow starry-eyed investors and dreamers.

To help you feel ok about his massive wealth and power, he claims he doesn’t even have a roof over his head.

Of course, how can you not cheer for a guy who tells you to believe in a positive future? He wants you to know he is a superhero working to save humanity, while you are doing normal human activities… like living better than him.

In his mind, he is Iron Man, and you are the mere mortal human being going to work every day. You pay taxes, take your kids to school, buy groceries, and even pick up your dog’s poop.

Even if you are eating beans and rice in a one-bedroom studio apartment in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn — by his account — feel comfortable that “Elon has it worse.”

And, even though he tells you your auntie and uncle in Bel Air are living better than him, he wants to save them too. Awe.

He’s so radically compassionate…according to him.

He hallucinates that YOU perceive his wealth imbalance to be problematic because of “axiomatic flaws” in YOUR thinking.

Isn’t that called gaslighting?

In fact, behind Musk’s vetted interviews, Musk is very human. His favorite vices are Pride and Greed.

It’s fun to peer through his Asperger’s stutter, as he flaps his jaws while listening to his interviews. Air escapes from inside his soulless soliloquy that clanks around through social media like an empty Space X rocket.

What is the percentage of hyperbole vs. scientific fact and axiomatic truth of vetted Elon Musk “a** kissing” interviews?

I guess we’ll never know… or will we?

Well, no one asks him questions that might actually crack the facade of his hype, so we’ll never know.

Elon’s been doubling down on all his wild claims. He likes to use many psychological tactics to continue vague promises while fooling the public and Tesla investors.

His mass persuasion media toolkit is replete with serious stares. He jokes in nonchalant responses, and psychological power tools — like high moral authority.

In his latest double interview — live at TED2022 and in his Texas Gigafactory.

Anderson asks Musk what he thinks now that he is the richest man on the planet, and why some people might not be ok with it.

Musk says, “It would only be problematic if I was consuming. In fact, I don’t consume anything. I don’t even own a home right now.”

Wow. Clap. Clap. Clap.

He goes on to say, “I basically rotate through friends spare bedrooms. I don’t have a yacht. I don’t take vacations.”

Incredible. It’s us, the peasant class who make under a billion dollars a year who are so obsessed with material items like nice homes, cars, clothes, and vacations.

How haughty of us. We are such sinners in Elon Musk’s eyes.

We should be working to the edge of sanity if we want to be the richest man on earth like him…with our escape route to mars… right!?

Musk boasts his “austerity” while also boosting his “value” in our eyes, by stating that “every minute of his thinking toward Tesla is worth $1 Million.”

Herein lies the problem. If Musk was attempting to save humanity, he would show his human side. It’s called being a human being.

Musk…tell us you like to blow a couple thousand on fine wines and the freshest Marijuana like you smoked on Joe Rogan. Tell us, you like to buy your seven kids the biggest toy race cars. Tell us you like to spend money on the best organic foods and travel to exotic islands.

Come on man. Give us a little credit before you try to insert Neuralink into everybody’s brains. Don’t try to play us like absolute fools.

No one is asking Musk to be a pauper. No one is asking Musk to live like a monk. No one is saying that it’s wrong for Musk to get ahead in life and be prosperous and wealthy.

Every human being on this planet could live abundantly, prosperously, and be wealthy… at the same time.

The imbalance is our distribution of resources, education, shelter, food, water, and all the essentials.

Musk is overcompensating and projecting these extremes to gaslight those of us who see through his smoke and mirrors.

Musk is on a quest to win-at-all-costs, in what he sees as “the binary digital video game simulation” of life.

He uses the media against you to pull at your heartstrings.

Meanwhile, he closes his heart behind an Iron Man vest, claiming that negativity about him “rolls off like water on a duck’s back.”

These are the tactics Musk (and all great cult leaders) use to paint themselves as the patron saint of humanity to increase their cult following.

We can almost imagine all the cups of kool-aid he’ll have refrigerated on Mars, the same way Jim Jones had the kool-aid ready in Jonestown, Guyana.

Musk wants you to live in true conviction.

He needs you to know that his decision to buy Twitter is more important to him than sleeping in his own bed or eating a good home-cooked meal.

In his eyes, we are the naughty impulsive humans with no control.

Frankly, whether he buys Twitter or not, it makes no difference. All tech billionaires are running the global circus right now.

Plus, wise scholars have calculated that Musk can’t afford to buy Twitter anyway.

Is his bid for Twitter simply an addiction, or a diversion to keep our eyes off of the problems in front of Tesla?

Tesla is party to over 1,200 lawsuits. TSLAQ highlights what it claims to be “a variety of dangerous, deceptive, unlawful and fraudulent business practices by Tesla.”

Let’s not forget the Solar City Bailout Trial and Musk’s testimony in July 2021.

Musk wants you to believe Tesla is more than a car maker. He wants you to believe that investing in Tesla will make you rich.

But, doing simple math like David Trainer, makes many of us wonder what all the hype is about? Why buy the foam party? Let the bubbles come down to a fair price of true value: $150 per share.

Musk wants you to go to Mars with him. He wants to be the cool tech billionaire in the bunch you love to be around.

But, wanting, being, doing, and having are four different things.

He’s sicker than your average… tech billionaire.

He’s vying for the title of world’s greatest conman and the greatest Emperor of Mars! How many dollars have you invested in his journey?



Bayo Olorunto

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