Confusing Mass Shootings Can Be Curtailed by A New American Confucianism

Bayo Olorunto
5 min readJun 6, 2022

I recently reflected on the last 20 years of non-stop mass/school shootings. Our first mental block is that we must open up to the idea that these shootings are not ALL random.

Are we courageous enough to admit to ourselves that we are in despair? Are these events rooted in top-down agendas from evildoers within our own internal power systems that we must uproot?

There is an obvious consistent pattern. Is it MKUltra, CIA, or random kids with access to the internet and guns? No one can call it exactly. Some try, but who knows? Nowhere else are mass shootings more systematic and regular than in the United States. It almost seems by design.

We all know it cannot be the guns themselves. It is the minds of the mass shooters pulling the triggers. These are very specific, bizarre, and demented traumatizing events. Each one is serial and recycled with its own barcode. City. Number injured. Number dead.

Whether direct or indirect, these shooters’ minds got controlled somehow. They are all disconnected, altered, trance formed in some way. They got mobilized into very patterned forms of attack. Do ritualized violence in movies and video game culture contribute? In some ways, yes.

More importantly, these people are spiritually removed. We must also be honest with ourselves that traumatic attacks of any type “trigger” and weaponize the polarizing media. Which, of course, is all sponsored by corporatism we consume against our own best interest.

Selfies speed up self-hate in America. Our narcissistic addiction to smartphones and social media apps drives anxiety up to red levels. Our tech billionaire friends gained $5 Trillion during the pandemic while many small business owners went bankrupt. Much of their profit was from humans glued to screens, distracted from higher priorities.

Mass shootings increase attention on their platforms, which increases their “engagement.” What are they doing to limit kids' exposure to more and more traumatic news?

Many Americans still stand for the basic principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Are we willing to save the U.S.A. from violent implosion? If not, the ultimate decline seems near.

We must create a new wave of American Confucianism, a modern style of word of mouth moral spirituality. Regardless of individual beliefs, we could all be in alignment with all existing religions, philosophies, and ways of life.

Anything that emphasizes self-mastery, family respect, and local community reverence and unity. Much of these ideas are in the book Color Me Confucius by William Bodri.

How will self-cultivation help reduce mass shootings? The primary aim would be to drastically reduce screen time, media consumption, and tech addiction of all Americans. The first step is for Americans to get some simple mental clarity.

Even if we unplug from our digital tech for a while, and it causes our Nasdaq stock bubbles to correct into normal prices, we’ll be ok.

We can increase healthy eating and physical fitness. We can increase human-to-human connection. We could inspire heart-to-heart interaction. We could reduce politically polarized codependency. Why treat a politician like a savior with all your heart and soul when they are going to treat you like a number once they get in office? Do your duty, cast your vote, and shut up and get back to self-mastery.

Neither extreme liberal “wokeness” nor extreme far-right conservative rhetoric is the answer. The answer is mindfulness. The more wise, mindful, kind, compassionate, and well-read people the better.

All Americans must reduce consumerism. Buying more sh*t is never going to help. Why not lean toward forms of minimalism? At the same time, we could use the extra mental energy and mastery to boost production and innovation. We could reduce Narcissism.

We could replace the selfie epidemic with all forms of literacy: financial, mental, emotional, physical, and social etc.

Honest Americans can isolate the criminals who are destroying our great land from the inside out. We can if we all sober up and get clear about what the real enemy is: Ourselves.

How can we go back outside and live, love, and learn? How can we turn down the volume on empty-calorie celebrity culture, pop music, and Hollywood explosions?

Why not listen to nature and the animals in nature again? Imagine all the natural land in North America. The land where Native Americans were born. The land so many African-Americans cultivated agricultural crops, and where countless immigrants came and established a better way of life.

We have to listen to real people. We need to listen to ourselves and each other. People want to hear real voices, not social media echo chambers.

All these actions start with an individual, or family, and extend into a community. Eventually, they become a normal way of life in a city, state, and national habits. Right now the opposite is true.

People are allowing the media and tech companies to run their lives. As a result mass shooters and school shooters rule the day. Corrupt politicians milk every single event for their own angle.

We still have libraries, schools, and sacred spaces. If Americans’ minds are of high cultivation and consciousness, hearts are pure, and guns loaded what can a low conscious gun perpetrator do? Nothing. It is not the gun. It is the consciousness behind the gun that makes it good or bad.

People trained for self-protection, self-defense, and self-discipline, will be ready for attacks. Fewer incidents will occur. The solution should not be about arming teachers with guns. It should be about arming every single American with self-mastery, mindfulness, and self-cultivation.

Are we ready to defend our individual, family, and collective honor? What about that of our elderly and children based on constitutional principles? Are we going to continue to let Big industries, corporate media, and Big Tech bully us with trauma?

The reason evil people get away with the perpetual crime is that they keep everybody confused. Some of these shootings could be random copycats. Many of them may be false flags, engineered events sacrificing innocent people to cover up more sinister agendas. If we want real solutions we have to look in the mirror and our souls.

We must identify fact from fiction. The only way to do that is to be so present and aware that the REAL problem is obvious and that the REAL solutions are simple!



Bayo Olorunto

Author of The Digital Age Sage Book series: Creating Your Vision, Living On Purpose, and Producing Results In Digital Chaos